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Wolverhampton’s local and independent windscreen repair specialist

Is your windscreen chipped or cracked? We offer prompt and affordable windscreen repairs and replacements in and around Bilston.

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Windscreen replacement and repair services in Wolverhampton

Budget Windscreens Ltd are based here in Wolverhampton and have helped clients across the West Midlands with repair and windscreen replacement. Sometimes the problem is just that little chip and we have a number of techniques to handle this. But if the worst happens and you do need a new windscreen, then we can also handle this for you.
The line between repair and replace is one we are familiar with and we never replace when we can repair. But we are also always conscious of both safety and what would be acceptable come your next MOT – remember that a chipped windscreen can be a cause for a fail, depending on the size and location of it.


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Our Services

Budget Windscreens Ltd is a Wolverhampton based specialist in the repair and replacement of windscreens for cars and other types of vehicles. So if you are in the West Midlands area and you find a chip or crack in your windscreen or windows, we are here to help.

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About Us

A broken or damaged windscreen is one of those things that happens as a driver, but it doesn’t stop it from being a very frustrating experience. Budget Windscreens Ltd want to make sure that the whole process is as trouble-free as possible by helping you get the vehicle repaired.

Our customers say…


"Thanks to all the lads at Budget. Fantastic, quick service and reasonable price for replacement windscreen. I have no reservations in using them again."

Barry Simpkiss


"Went to budget windscreen’s & the guys could not be more helpful... very friendly & helpful, would recommend budget windscreens. Very good service, many thanks"

Wayne Nicholls


"Quality local service (I live in Dudley area), was quoted £350 by auto glass and this company replaced for £130, great workmanship, couldn't be happier with service."

Barry Whitlock

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We’ve all been there – you are driving along and there’s a sudden noise as something flies up off the road and strikes the window. Sometimes there just a little chip that can easily be fixed by a repair service. Then other times the damage is worse, and you have the immediate feeling that there’s no choice but to call a windscreen replacement service. Don’t worry, in either case, we can help.

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Chip Repair

Getting a chip in your windscreen is something we all dread but is a common hazard of driving a car. A chip, however, doesn’t always mean that your windscreen needs a replacement. Often repair work can be done to fix the problem. If you have a chip in your windscreen and you are in the Wolverhampton area, Budget Windscreens Ltd can help you out.

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For many tradespeople and businesses, their commercial vehicles are a key part of their livelihood. They need them on a daily basis to conduct their business and when a cracked windscreen puts the vehicle off the road, it is costing them money. That’s why Budget Windscreens Ltd have a 24-hour callout service and speeding repairs for most commercial vehicles.

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For windscreen repairs and replacements, contact Budget Windscreens Ltd. We repair and replace windscreens with precision. You'll get quality work at an affordable price from our experienced team. Get in touch now!