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Modern windscreens are pretty tough but there are still times when they receive damage that is enough to mean you need a replacement. Sometimes a little chip can be repaired while other times, the damage is just too much, and a new windscreen is needed. If you are in the Wolverhampton area and need a new windscreen, Budget Windscreens Ltd are here to assist.

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New Windscreens

  • 24 hour call out for broken windscreens
  • Help you see if you need repair or replacement
  • Quick and cost-effective new windscreens
  • Help with insurance and paperwork if needed
  • Free quote for non-insurance jobs

Repair or replace?

One of the big points of confusion for our customers is always whether the windscreen needs a repair or a complete replacement.  We always try to repair where possible, but the key thing is the safety factor – we never repair a windscreen unless we are sure we can do it to the highest standards.  So if we tell you a replacement windscreen is needed, you can be certain this is the best course of action.

We can come to you to assess the damage caused to your windscreen and see what needs to be done.  Remember, that chips can lead to cracked windows but can also be a reason to fail an MOT so don’t leave that chip alone – have our experts take a look at it.

Simple new windscreens

Getting a new windscreen if that is what’s needed doesn’t have to be a complex process.  Once we have assessed the damage, we can let you know what the outcome is and if this means a new windscreen we can change it where you are, or you can come to our garage.  We can also help with insurance and any paperwork to do with it and if this isn’t an insurance matter, we offer free quotes for the work.

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"Thanks to all the lads at Budget. Fantastic, quick service and reasonable price for replacement windscreen. I have no reservations in using them again."

Barry Simpkiss


"Quality local service (I live in Dudley area), was quoted £350 by auto glass and this company replaced for £130, great workmanship, couldn't be happier with service."

Barry Whitlock


For windscreen repairs and replacements, contact Budget Windscreens Ltd. We repair and replace windscreens with precision. You'll get quality work at an affordable price from our experienced team. Get in touch now!