Windscreen chip repair service in Wolverhampton

Getting a chip in your windscreen is something we all dread but is a common hazard of driving a car.  A chip, however, doesn’t always mean that your windscreen needs a replacement.  Often repair work can be done to fix the problem.  If you have a chip in your windscreen and you are in the Wolverhampton area, Budget Windscreens Ltd can help you out.

Windscreen chip repair

Windscreen Chips

  • Windscreen chips assessed
  • Repairs where possible
  • Replacement only if no option
  • Insurance work was undertaken
  • Call us out 24 hours a day

Deal with that chip or crack

We have a reliable and cost-effective system to handle windscreen damage such as chips or cracks but there are some things that can stop this being done.  Where the damage is located is a big factor – if it is in the driver’s viewing area, it can be a major problem.  And nearer to the edge of the windscreen, there’s a great chance that the whole thing has been compromised and a replacement is the only option.

Our process is to assess the damage and offer a free quote for the repair.  If your insurer will be handled the cost of the damage, we can work with them to get the right course of action.  We can even handle the paperwork for you to make the process quick and easy.

Repair or replace

While we always try to repair where possible, there are times when a replacement is the only option.  Sometimes the damage is deep and there’s a strong chance that the whole window will soon shatter.  Or the damage could be of a type that a MOT would fail due to it – not something that you want.  In these situations, we can replace the windscreen for you either at home or by bringing it to our garage.

professional windscreen replacement Wolverhampton


"Thanks to all the lads at Budget. Fantastic, quick service and reasonable price for replacement windscreen. I have no reservations in using them again."

Barry Simpkiss


"Quality local service (I live in Dudley area), was quoted £350 by auto glass and this company replaced for £130, great workmanship, couldn't be happier with service."

Barry Whitlock


For windscreen repairs and replacements, contact Budget Windscreens Ltd. We repair and replace windscreens with precision. You'll get quality work at an affordable price from our experienced team. Get in touch now!