Windscreen replacement services in Wolverhampton

We’ve all been there – you are driving along and there’s a sudden noise as something flies up off the road and strikes the window.  Sometimes there just a little chip that can easily be fixed by a repair service.  Then other times the damage is worse, and you have the immediate feeling that there’s no choice but to call a windscreen replacement service.  Don’t worry, in either case, we can help.

Windscreen replacement services


  • Here when you need us 24 hours a day
  • Insurance partner who can help with the paperwork
  • Free quote if you are paying yourself
  • Top quality service and great price
  • On-site service or bring the car to us

Wolverhampton windscreen replacement

Budget Windscreens Ltd are based here in Wolverhampton and have helped clients across the West Midlands with repairs and replacement windscreens.  Sometimes the problem is just that little chip and we have a number of techniques to handle this.  But if the worst happens and you do need a new windscreen, then we can also handle this for you.

The line between repair and replace is one we are familiar with and we never replace when we can repair.  But we are also always conscious of both safety and what would be acceptable come your next MOT – remember that a chipped windscreen can be a cause for a fail, depending on the size and location of it.

Insurance jobs handled

For many people, windscreen replacement means dealing with their insurance company but don’t worry, we can help with this.  As approved repairers for many companies, we can liaise with them to get the work done and help you complete any requirements paperwork to send to them afterwards.  And should the repair be something you are paying for, then we can offer a free quotation for the work before we start so you know what costs are involved in the process.

professional windscreen replacement Wolverhampton


"Thanks to all the lads at Budget. Fantastic, quick service and reasonable price for replacement windscreen. I have no reservations in using them again."

Barry Simpkiss


"Quality local service (I live in Dudley area), was quoted £350 by auto glass and this company replaced for £130, great workmanship, couldn't be happier with service."

Barry Whitlock


For windscreen repairs and replacements, contact Budget Windscreens Ltd. We repair and replace windscreens with precision. You'll get quality work at an affordable price from our experienced team. Get in touch now!